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Offering Whole Life Insurance designed for Final Expenses and Funeral Funding - Term Life for personal and Business needs

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Kenny Elder, a licensed Funeral Director, has been offering Final Expense life insurance and Funeral Funding Options in addition to low cost Term insurance for personal and business needs for over 25 years. Elder Insurance Services provides peace of mind through final expense insurance and Family Income Protection. Contact us for a Whole Life Insurance Final Expense Insurance Quote. For a Term quote, just give us a call or email and you can get an online quote and even apply online. It's easy! We have access to many insurance carriers for the best rates available. Call 1-877-429-6060 or email kenny@kenelderinsurance.com Apply by phone, in person or by mail!

Geographic Area

Tennessee, Kentucky

Line of Business

Professional > Miscellaneous Professional

Brands We Carry

We represent many well established, reputable Insurance Carriers

Products And Services

Call 1-877-429-6060 for low cost whole life insurance to cover Funeral costs and final expenses or a free online quote for term insurance.

Discounts Offered

Low Cost Whole Life Final Expense Insurance. Apply by phone, In person (with an experienced agent) or by mail

Additional Information

Get a free online Term Life Quote and apply online Call 1-877-429-6060 or email us at kenny@kenelderinsurance.com

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